Portfolio Tips for Artists

Your portfolio is a presentation of your work…true statement.

Here is another one…galleries represent artists.

The objective of your fine art portfolio is to use it as a tool to build a long-standing relationship with a gallery. Look at your portfolio as if it is an extension of you as an artist not just a display case. Ask yourself; is it polished and professional or a little rough around the edges?  Does it contain only your best work or everything you ever did?

Does it answer the questions?

  • Is the artist serious?
  • Does the artist have a chance to succeed in the world of art?
  • Is the artist worth representing?

If you answer yes then click next, you do not need to read any further.  If you answer no, continue reading and we will work through this together.

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Social Media for Self-Promoting Artists: Eight Relevant Resources

Hello fellow artists, I know that I am singing to the choir when I say that using Social Media to promote your art is a time consuming but important task. Knowing what works and what is a time waster is essential to developing a successful marketing strategy and there is no denying that the research must be done. Equally important is gaining an understanding of the social networking tools you are using and how to make the most of them. If you are anything like me, slogging through a miasma of infinitesimal articles and blog posts on the subject is equally laborious and frankly, I am frustrated with clicking through a gazillion useless posts that rehash old news and fail to deliver. So, here is a list of eight relevant resources that will help you get off the computer and back to the studio a wee bit sooner.

1.      Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites | November 2011

Nothing fancy here, just a comprehensive list of social networking sites and their current ranking.  As of yet I have not researched all of them to identify the size of artists communities but I think it may be worth the effort.  Interesting to note the placement of Google+ on this list.

2.      Understanding Facebook’s New ‘Insights’ Analytics

If understanding the insights on your Facebook fan page is still a bit of a mystery, this article will be very illuminating.   Although it is not art focused, it explains Face book Insights in simple terms and puts into plain language how to use them to build your fan base.

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Writing your Artist’s Bio

For many artists writing their Artist’s Bio can seem a tedious and daunting task

Writing about your self surely is a little uncomfortable and intimidating. Yet, your Artist’s Bio is mandatory for a professional art career. If a career in art is what you are after you will certainly need a bio for press releases, webpage’s, exhibitions and your portfolio. Therefore, unless you can hire a professional writer to do it for you it is time to tackle it yourself. The good news is there are some excellent internet resources to help you get started. Like this one, which will outline for you a few options in the approaches you can take writing it.

Your Artist’s Statement

If your are anything like me you love the creative side of your art but dread the business needs. 

Even though I love to write, I am not so fond of writing about myself,  so writing an artist statement is something I really procrastinate on.  This article is meant to make the process easy and also emphasize the importance of looking after the business side of your art.

Consider your artist’s statement a front line marketing tool. It has the power to influence buyers to invest in your art…or turn around and walk the other way.

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