Artists Bio

Ramona Hartley is a retired dance teacher and established artist now living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. She has spent the majority of her adult life either working at her own art or sharing her creative skills with others.

Ramona was very fortunate early in her career to have the benefit of some extraordinary mentors.  While working at Fernie Alpine Ski Resort, she met renowned Canadian Artist Jack Lee McLean.  Mistaking him for the hotel handy man while he was hanging his prints, they struck up a conversation.  For the remainder of the season Jack generously offered his guidance and encouragement to the young artist.   Several years later, she met Linda Cameron a wonderful teacher and representative of Daniel Smith Watercolors.  Linda was a major influence, teaching her the technical approaches she now applies to her many works.

The essence of Ramona’s work is rooted in her love of movement and nature. As an intensely shy youth, dance gave her a medium in which to express herself that has carried through to her fine art pieces. Color, movement and nature are themes quite commonly seen in her work.

What Do You See Among the Weeds?

My artwork reflects the intensity of movement and color in the natural world. When I see the energy in the stillness of a pond, the effect of a breeze on a single blade of grass or the calm dripping beneath trees after a strong rain; this is what I want to grab hold of.”


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